Update Project

Code Changes

Let’s update the code and deploy again. We’ll update the template.


<h1>Demo::Views::Home::Show Edit1</h1>

Deploy Again

To deploy again run jets deploy.

❯ jets deploy
Will deploy hanami-dev
Are you sure? (y/N) y
Stack success status: UPDATE_COMPLETE
Release 2: https://www.rubyonjets.com/projects/hanami/releases/release-Ke5vdy0SPtEYdogu
Prewarming application
Lambda Url https://x6ge6mf7vpcj5yh72tvlw522zq0zyuxd.lambda-url.us-west-2.on.aws

Once changes have been deployed, confirm code changes.

Jets Logs

You can also use the jets logs command to tail the logs in your terminal.

❯ jets logs -f

Note: The jets logs command use the controller Lambda Function Log Group, IE: /aws/lambda/hanami-dev-controller by default, so we do not have to specify the -n option.

Next, we’ll delete the project.