Jets CI Gitignore

If you are using Jets CI, then config/jets/env may not be in the git repo for the CI run. IE: Even always_keep won’t work. When using CI, you have to make sure config/jets/env files are in version control. IE: Check GitHub and confirm it’s there.

If the config/jets/env is not in version control, it’s probably due to a gitignore rule.

Here is an example that allows config/jets/env files while ignoring .env at the top level.


# Ignore all environment files except templates

Here’s another example of ignoring all .env files and explicitly allowing /config/jets/env/.env


# Ignore all environment files except /config/jets/env/.env

Make sure the !/config/jets/env/* line is below any .env ignores. Otherwise, the .env ignore will take higher precedence.

Important: Ensure you do not have secret info in config/jets/env and only have SSM references or safe-to-commit plain text values. Another option is to store all env values in SSM parameters and not use config/jets/env files. CI will be able to look up the SSM parameters.