What is Jets?

Jets is a Deployment Service. Jets makes it easy to deploy and run your app on Serverless. It packages up your code and runs it on AWS Lambda. Jets can deploy Rails, Sinatra, Hanami, and any Rack app.

Jets Account

To use Jets, you need a Jets account. You can sign up at www.rubyonjets.com and create an API token key there. There is a 2-week free usage period for your AWS account. After that, a paid plan is required. You pay a flat monthly price for each stack. Here’s the pricing.

Rails Support

To deploy your Rails app, Jets uses your code to build a Docker image and deploy it to AWS Lambda.

The steps to deploy your app are minimal. Add this to your Gemfile.


gem "jets", ">= 6.0"
gem "jets-rails", ">= 1.1"

And run

jets init
jets deploy

That’s it.