Getting Help

If you’re looking for support for Jets, here are some options:

The Jets community is small and growing. There are some benefits with a smaller community as you’ll have a better chance of getting to know folks. You will likely find other folks who are interested in Jets and just figuring things out also. Would love for community members to be helpful and point others in the right direction. We’ve all been there before, and sometimes the littlest tip goes a long way to help others.

Report a bug

If you think you’ve found a bug within the Jets repository, open an issue.

Happy Hackin’ 😁

Commercial Support

If you would like professional help, BoltOps provides consulting. Feel free to reach out: contact page We can help you with:

  • Support: Troubleshooting, Debugging, Guidance, and Help
  • Development: Can help you develop a serverless application that essentially scales infinitely.
  • Training: Mentorship, education, and understanding how to leverage and use AWS and serverless paradigms.
  • Consulting: Can help review, design, and architect your serverless application. Can evaluate trade-offs, limits, and benefits. Or just provide general guidance.