Config Jets Deploy Prewarm


The table below covers each setting. Each option is configured with config.OPTION. The config. portion is not shown for conciseness. IE: logger.level vs config.logger.level.

Name Default Description
prewarm.cron nil When set takes higher precedence than rate.
prewarm.reserved_concurrency 2 The reserved concurrency for the prewarm Lambda Function. Not a lot is needed because only it gets called a controlled scheduled interval and post deployment.
prewarm.enable true Enables prewarming.
prewarm.memory 1024 Memory setting for the prewarm event.
prewarm.rate 1m A rate expression. Both 1 minute and 1m work. See: AWS Scheduled Rate Expressions and fugit
prewarm.threads 2 Number of threads to send at the same time to prewarm the controller Lambda function. prewarm.threads should be less than or equal to lambda.controller.reserved_concurrency.
prewarm.timeout 5m Timeout of the prewarm event.

See Full Config Reference