Jets Env Extra

Jets has the concept of extra environments. By setting JETS_EXTRA, you can create additional environments rapidly.

jets deploy # first environment demo-dev
JETS_EXTRA=beta jets deploy # creates a demo-dev-beta environment

Since AWS Lambda pricing is based on usage, these extra environments cost very little, especially if you’re in the free tier.

Jets Extra

The JETS_EXTRA concept supports its own dotenv file. Example:

JETS_EXTRA=beta jets console

Loads config/jets/env/ This takes the highest precedence over other dotenv files.

Blue-Green Deployments

You can use the ability to create entire applications with just a variable change to perform blue-green deployments.

  1. Create another environment
  2. Test it to your heart’s content
  3. Switch the DNS over to the new stack
  4. Delete the old environment