Lambda URL CloudFront WAF Jets Rule Priorities

In general, with Jets, you should not have to set the priority of your rules explicitly. The order in which they are defined will determine the priority automatically. Jets loops through your rules and will assign the priority correctly.

General Rule Priority

The general priorities of the rules work like this:

  1. config.waf.rules: Your user-custom rules. These take the highest priorities.
  2. config.block_ips.list: The rules that are created from the block ips list.
  3. config.managed_rules: The blank_rate_limiter and uri_rate_limiter Jets Managed rules.
  4. config.waf.default_rules: Default rules.

If you do assign the priority, it will only be used within your custom rules definition, config.waf.rules. All the other rules will be higher than the max priority in your user-custom rules.