Config Jets Deploy

The deploy.rb contains the most options and will be the settings you’ll likely adjust most. It tells the Jets Remote Runner how to build and deploy your project to Serverless AWS Lambda. Here’s a starter example:


Jets.deploy.configure do
  # Scaling
  config.lambda.controller.provisioned_concurrency = 1  # costs money, always running lambda
  config.lambda.controller.reserved_concurrency = 25    # free and limits scaling

  # CloudFront Lambda URL
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.enable = true
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.cert.arn = acm_cert_arn("", region: "us-east-1")
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.route53.enable = true

  # Release phase
  config.release.phase.command = "bundle exec rails db:migrate"

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