Jets Exec for Debugging

The jets exec command can be useful for debugging. It provides an REPL that allows you to send bash commands to the AWS Lambda deployed environment.

Here’s an example:

❯ jets exec
Jets REPL (6.0.0). Commands will be executed on Lambda.
Lambda function: demo-dev-controller
Type 'help' for help, 'exit' to exit.
$ help
Available commands:
  - history [n or 'all']: Display the last n commands or the all command history. (Default: 20)
  - status: Display the status of the last command executed on Lambda.
  - result or _: Show previous command result.
  - help: Display this help message.
  - !<number>: Execute the command from the history by number.
  - exit: Exit the REPL. You can also use Control-D.
$ pwd
$ whoami
$ uname -a
Linux 5.10.215-223.850.amzn2.aarch64 #1 SMP Tue Apr 30 23:20:57 UTC 2024 aarch64 GNU/Linux
$ ls config/jets/project.rb