SSM CLI Cheatsheet

Here’s a SSM CLI cheatsheet.


To create a SSM parameter with the aws cli.

aws ssm put-parameter --name /demo/dev/DATABASE_URL --type SecureString --value "mysql2://"


If you want to confirm that correct value.

aws ssm get-parameters --names /demo/dev/DATABASE_URL --with-decryption | jq -r '.Parameters[].Value'


List and filter ssm parameters.

aws ssm describe-parameters | jq -r '.Parameters[].Name' | grep '/demo/dev/' | sort

To list with values:

aws ssm get-parameters-by-path --path "/demo/dev/" | jq


To delete.

aws ssm delete-parameter --name /demo/dev/FOO

Also helpful are the jets dotenv subcommands:

jets dotenv:list
jets dotenv:get
jets dotenv:set
jets dotenv:unset

They can be used to set the SSM values more conveniently. Both the raw aws ssm commands and the jets dotenv commands are useful to get to know. It helpful to understand what’s going on under-the-hood.