Assets: Referencing Assets in CSS Files

If you need to reference precompiled assets in css files. Here’s how you achieve it.

CSS Postprocessor Directive with url

Let’s say you have an image at:


In the CSS.

body {
  background: transparent url('bg/paper.gif') top left no-repeat;

The urls will be replace with the config.asset_host which is set to ENV["JETS_ASSET_HOST"]. This is nice because it’ll serve from either S3 or a CDN, which is a lot faster than Lambda.

asset_helper ERB Helper

In the CSS.

body {
  background: transparent url(<%= asset_path('bg/paper.gif') %>) top left no-repeat;

Rails Public Files Server

You can also use configure Rails to serve static content. This means the AWS Lambda function will serve the content. This is generally not recommend as S3 or a CDN is much faster at serving assets. Here’s how you do it though.


Rails.application.configure do
  config.public_file_server.enabled = true

In the CSS, you reference the relative URL to the website with a leading slash.

body {
  background: transparent url('/bg/paper.gif') top left no-repeat;

The file would be located at


Note you also lose the advantage of a generated checksum for browser caching.