Jets CodeBuild Customizations

Note: This is experimental feature. Looking for feedback on the feature it may change the way it works. The interface may break.

Customize buildspec.yml

You can also customize the CodeBuild remote runner buildspec.yml. Create the file in your project root.


version: 0.2

      ruby: latest
    - echo "hello custom logic"

Note: The RUN_JETS_REMOTE is a special marker that should be in the buildspec.yml. It is validated by Jets and used to run the jets remote deploy process.

It is important to note that any commands you add before the RUN_JETS_REMOTE process will not have full access to the app jets code yet because the the RUN_JETS_REMOTE process itself downloads the app code.

If your hook need access to the app code, instead use: Jets Remote Runner Hooks

Probably Better Not To Use

This ability should probably be reserved for super special use cases. Let us know what you’re using it for so we can consider implementing it in Jets more natively.