Lambda URL CloudFront DNS Route53

Jets can automatically create a DNS Route53 record pointing to the managed CloudFront domain.


To enable the DNS Route53 record creation:


Jets.deploy.configure do
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.enable = true
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.cert.arn = acm_cert_arn(domain: "", region: "us-east-1")
  # config.lambda.url.cloudfront.aliases = [
  #   ""
  # ]

  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.route53.enable = true # <= ENABLE
  • A conventional alias is created by default with the Jets project name and env. IE: project: demo and Jets.env: dev =>
  • The conventional alias domain is inferred by from the ACM cert configured in cloudfront.cert.arn. It’s domain name is used to look up the route53 hosted zone name.
  • If you set cloudfront.aliases then the conventional alias is not set.

    JETS_ENV=dev jets deploy => JETS_ENV=prod jets deploy => JETS_EXTRA=beta jets deploy => JETS_EXTRA=2 jets deploy =>

All route53 DNS aliases have the same TTL values and point to the same CloudFront Distribution domain name. Example: =>    =>    =>       =>