Jets Config Helpers ACM

These helpers look up ACM certs. The domain option is required. Usually, you want to specify region: "us-east-1" also for CloudFront ACM certs.

acm_cert_arn(domain: "", region: "us-east-1")
acm_cert_arn(domain: "", tag: "main", region: "us-east-1")
acm_cert_arn(domain: "", sans: ["", "*"], region: "us-east-1")

If multiple ACM certs are found with the same domain, then an error is raised.

You can filter down and target the ACM cert you want with the additional options: tag and sans.

Scope Filtering notes:

  • domain is always required
  • tag: You must tag the ACM cert with a tag “Name” when the tag option is a String. IE: tag: "main". When the tag option is a Hash, you can specify the tag key. IE: tag: {Name: "main example"}.
  • sans works up to 100 items.

Future Proofing

You may want to always tag your ACM certs and look them up with the tag option to future proof the setup. Example:


Jets.deploy.configure do
 config.lambda.url.cloudfront.enable = true
 config.lambda.url.cloudfront.cert.arn = acm_cert_arn(domain: "", tag: "main", region: "us-east-1")

  # config.lambda.url.cloudfront.route53.enable = true

This is because if you have an ACM cert with a domain name of “” and then later on add another ACM cert. The deploy.rb will break later because suddenly two ACM certs have the domain name of “”.

You may also consider just hardcoding the ACM ARN. However, that would not be as human-friendly to read. When you look at it months later it can be more confusing to understand.