Lambda URL CloudFront Price Class Edge Locations

You can configure CloudFront to use different Price Classes which control which Edge Locations to enable.

  • PriceClass_All: Use all edge locations (best performance)
  • PriceClass_200: Use only North America and Europe
  • PriceClass_100: Use North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa

The Jets default for the CloudFront distribution in front of the Lambda URL is PriceClass_100. This is can more cost-effective. If you want to adjust this.


Jets.deploy.configure do
  config.lambda.url.cloudfront.price_class = "PriceClass_All"

Note: Previously, deploy times were much faster with PriceClass_100 than PriceClass_All. AWS has made improvements since, Slashing CloudFront change propagation times in 2020 and CloudFront propagation times are now around 5 minutes.

Deployment Times

CloudFront distributions take a while to deploy, about 5 minutes. However, I’ve found that they are live much faster than the deployment time. Usually, CloudFront distribution updated settings are already in affect within 10 seconds or so. I believe this is because CloudFront validates all the edge nodes around the world before confirming that the deployment is completed.