Donate: Support Jets

Donate: Support Jets

Jets is an open source project and free to use. Developing and maintaining the project requires a significant amount of time and effort. Without proper financial backing, Jets development will not be sustainable. You can support Jets development in many of the following ways. We love your support!

One-time Donations

We accept donations from:

PayPal: One-time donations are appreciated and help.

Reoccuring Pledges

Reoccuring pledges comes with exclusive beneifts like having your name listed on the Jets GitHub repository or having your company logo placed on the website:

Patreon: Helps improve Jets.

If you are a company and interested in Serverless Ruby. It benefits you to sponsor Jets development. Sponsorship ensures that the software stays healthy and is actively maintained. It also provides you with exposure in the Ruby community and makes it easier to attract developers.

If you are an individual user and like Jets, consider donating out of the goodness of your 🧡 It helps make Jets better.