jets logs


jets logs [options]


Show logs from Lambda function CloudWatch log group.

This defaults to the controller Lambda function in the one_lambda_for_all_controllers mode. Example:

❯ jets logs
Showing logs for /aws/lambda/demo-dev-controller

If you want to follow the logs use the -f flag.

❯ jets logs
Tailing logs for /aws/lambda/demo-dev-controller

If you want to see the production logs:

❯ JETS_ENV=production jets logs -f
Tailing logs for /aws/lambda/demo-prod-controller

If you want to see logs for a job, specify the job and method.

❯ jets logs -f -n hard_job-dig
Tailing logs for /aws/lambda/demo-dev-hard_job-dig


    [--since=SINCE]                      # From what time to begin displaying logs.  By default, logs will be displayed starting from 10m in the past. The value provided can be an ISO 8601 timestamp or a relative time. Examples: 10m 2d 2w
-f, [--follow], [--no-follow]            #  Whether to continuously poll for new logs. To exit from this mode, use Control-C.
                                         # Default: false
    [--format=FORMAT]                    # The format to display the logs. IE: detailed or short.  With detailed, the log stream name is also shown.
                                         # Default: simple
    [--filter-pattern=FILTER_PATTERN]    # The filter pattern to use. If not provided, all the events are matched
-n, [--log-group-name=LOG_GROUP_NAME]    # The log group name.  By default, it is /aws/lambda/demo-dev-controller
    [--refresh-rate=N]                   # How often to refresh the logs in seconds.
                                         # Default: 1
    [--wait-exists], [--no-wait-exists]  # Whether to wait until the log group exists.  By default, it will wait.
                                         # Default: true