jets delete


jets delete [options]


Delete the Jets project and all its resources

This deletes the all the contents in the internal s3 bucket that jets uses and the associated CloudFormation stacks.


$ jets delete
Deleting project...
Are you sure you want to want to delete the 'demo-dev' project? (y/N)
First, deleting objects in s3 bucket demo-dev-s3bucket-89jrrj60c7bj
Deleting demo-dev...
05:14:09AM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-dev User Initiated
05:14:23AM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack PostsController
05:15:31AM DELETE_COMPLETE AWS::S3::Bucket S3Bucket
Stack demo-dev deleted.
Time took for deletion: 1m 27s.
Project demo-dev deleted!

You can bypass the are you sure prompt with the --yes flag.

$ jets delete --yes


-y, [--yes], [--no-yes]    # Skip are you sure prompt.
    [--wait], [--no-wait]  # Wait for stack deletion to complete.
                           # Default: true