Q: How do I set cookies from Jets?

You can set cookies with the cookies helper in the controller. The cookies helper acts like a hash.

class PostsController < ApplicationController
  def index
    cookies[:favorite] = "chocolate"
    render json: {message: "yummy cookies set"}

Q: How do I set headers from Jets?

You can set headers with the set_header method in the controller. Here is an example

  def index
    set_header("MyHeader", "foobar")
    response.set_header("Custom", "MyHeader") # also works to set headers
    response.headers["Custom2"] = "MyHeader" # also works to set headers

Q: How do I skip the prompt for the question “Is it okay to send your gem data to Lambdagems? (Y/n)?” in a script or CI Pipeline?

You use the env JETS_AGREE env variable. Examples:

export JETS_AGREE=yes
jets deploy


JETS_AGREE=yes jets deploy
JETS_AGREE=no jets deploy

Q: Does Jets support windows?

No. There are currently no plans to support windows. Recommend trying out Cloud9 IDE There are some nice advantages like Faster Development Note, you will have to pay for the ec2 instance when it’s running and for the EBS volume. For typical dev usage, found it’s about $10/mo The cost may vary. By default, the ec2 hibernates within 30m when idled to save costs.