Secrets SSM Parameter Store

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store is supported. Storing secrets as SSM Parameters and referencing them your .env files allows you to commit your .env into source control. When you reference a parameter name with it will prefix the conventional /<app-name>/<jets-env>/. If you reference the parameter name with a leading / then the conventional prefix is not added. For example:

RELATIVE_DATABASE_URL=SSM:database-url          # references /<app-name>/<jets-env>/database-url
ABSOLUTE_DATABASE_URL=SSM:/path/to/database-url # references /path/to/database-url

The SSM parameters are fetched and interpolated into your environment at build time so make sure to re-deploy your app after making changes to your SSM parameters to ensure they are picked up correctly.

Additionally, if the value is SSM. It will conventionally map to /<app-name>/<jets-env>/KEY.

MY_SECRET=SSM # references /<app-name>/<jets-env>/MY_SECRET
MySecret=SSM  # references /<app-name>/<jets-env>/MySecret