Minimal Deploy IAM Policy: Console

You can also create policy, group, and user in AWS console. Note, refer to the CLI Instructions for IAM policy examples.

Go to IAM Policies.

  1. Click “Create policy”, then “JSON”, then “Next: tags”, then “Next: review”.
  2. Name the policy “JetsPolicy” and click “Create policy”.

Go to IAM Groups.

  1. Click “Create new group”. Name the group “Jets” and click “Next step”.
  2. Search for “JetsPolicy”, check its checkbox, click “Next step”, then “Create group”.

Go to IAM Users.

  1. Click “Add user”. Give the user a name and check “Programmatic access”.
  2. Click “Next: permissions”. Check the “Jets” group to add user to group.
  3. Click “Next: tags”, “Next: Review”, then “Create user”.