DynamoDB Dynomite Put


The put method can also be used to save items. It uses put_item, which requires the full Primary Key. It does not check for existence. It simply overrides existing items.

You must always provide the entire Primary Key. If you do not, an error is raised. Here the Primary Key is id.

Post.put(id: "post-1", title: "post 1")
Post.put!(id: "post-1", title: "post 1")

If it’s a Composite Key, you must provide both the Partition Key and Sort Key. Here the Partition Key is category and the Sort Key is sku.

Product.put(category: "Electronics", sku: 100)

Callbacks and Validations

The put also runs callbacks and validations. You can also disable validations with validate: false.

Post.put({id: "post-1", title: "post 1"}, {validate: false})