DynamoDB Dynomite General Low-Level Client Wrappers

Low-Level Client Wrapper Methods

The scan and query are low-level methods corresponding to the raw DynamoDB Client methods. They add some conveniences:

  • add the table_name to the params
  • return model items instances like Product instead of a raw item from resp.table.items.


products = Product.scan(
  filter_expression: "#name IN (:name1, :name2)",
  expression_attribute_names: {"#name"=>"name"},
  expression_attribute_values: {":name1"=>"Smartphone",":name2"=>"Laptop"},
products # Array of Product items.  [<Product>, <Product>, ...]


products = Product.query(
  index_name: "category-name-index",
  expression_attribute_names: {"#category"=>"category", "#name"=>"name"},
  expression_attribute_values: {":category"=>"Books", ":name"=>"Novel"},
  key_condition_expression: "#category = :category AND #name = :name",
products # Array of Product items.  [<Product>, <Product>, ...]

Here are a few more low-level examples.

Even Lower-Level Client

If you want to use direct aws-sdk-dynamodb client directly. It’s available via client.

 jets console
> Product.client
=> #<Aws::DynamoDB::Client>

You have access to all the raw underlying aws-sdk-dynamodb methods. With the raw client, you need to specify the table name and convert the raw items response to a model object.