Jets Call

Remote Lambda Function

You can use jets call to test with the CLI. Example:

jets call controller '{"path": "/posts"}' | jq -r '.body'

The corresponding aws lambda CLI commands would be:

aws lambda invoke --function-name demo-dev-controller --payload '{"path":"/posts"}' outfile.txt
cat outfile.txt | jq '.body'
rm outfile.txt
aws lambda invoke help

Here’s complex example.

jets call controller '{"path": "/posts", "queryStringParameters": {"test": 1}}' --show-logs

For example payloads, you can see: Debugging Event Payloads.

More help:

jets call help # for more info like passing the payload via a file
               # or how to call the functions locally with --local

Local Function

The jets call command supports a local testing mode with the --local option. This allows you to test locally before deploying. Here’s an example:

jets call posts-controller-index '{"test":1}' --local

For more info and jets call examples, check out the CLI reference: jets call cli.